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Data Migration

We know that your data means a lot to you, and we make your data our first priority. From the moment your data is in our hands it is protected. During migration all original data is separated and backed up. The migration is performed in full confidence that integrity is intact.

Offsite Data Storage

Making sure that your data isn't only backed up correctly, but stored in multiple locations means that if something happens, you can safely know that your data is safe. We keep multiple secure copies just to make sure that its safe.

Cloud Migration

Do you need to be able to access your business anywhere at any time. Maybe its time to move everything out of the office, and make it available to you whenever you need it. Moving your server to the cloud isn't an easy task, and with so many options we sift through them and give you the best options. With email/website/data storage all secure in the cloud if anything happens at your place of work all of your data is safe.

Web Design & Hosting

If your website is out dated or you don't have one, we can help move you into todays world. Building beautiful and intuitive designs. That captivates our users, and creates a link between your business and its customers. We will make sure that you get what you want and it looks amazing.

Disaster Recovery

With years of time working in large companies we know what it takes to make sure that every aspect is accounted for, for whatever happens. We make sure that there is a plan for disaster. We will sit down with your business and create a plan to mitigate or counter any disaster.

Data Backup & Recovery

Creating daily and weekly backups that are checked to make sure they work, we can get your business back up and running in any case that happens, with your data being stored in our safe location we make sure that you can get your business back in just a few days.

Business Class Network & Server Support

With a CCNA and Server+ technicians on hand, we are able to support small to medium size business's that are using Windows Server, and Exchange. We also work with you to setup new Cisco unified networks, making sure that your business comes first, and that all of your needs are met.

Malware, Virus, Ransomeware Removal

Viruses and Malware are prevalent and we are here to remove them and make sure that everything is up to date.

Computer Service & Repair

In-depth evaluation of error logs and finding errors that you may not be aware that are occurring in the background. We make sure to check all aspects of the computer, with state of the art hardware and software diagnostic to make sure all item are in check. We pay for top of the line software diagnostic tools.


The Law Office of McNiel & Fitch

Highly recommended. When a fire destroyed my office, Atlas recovered ALL of my client and financial files from two PCs that were damaged beyond repair. He recovered the hard drives and transferred the data to new machines Read more..


Absolutely impressed, I talked to Matt on the phone for about 30 minutes, no charge. My laptop was failing, he walked me Read more..

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Carbonite online backup is simple, secure and unlimited. It works automatically to back up files on your PC or Mac. We are a reseller for carbonite, ask a representative about this product.

Cisco Home Networking Devices

For Home and small Business networking devices we provide customized solutions for the home.