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 Computer Service & Repair

Our in-depth evaluation of your system error logs, often times reveals problems that are occurring in the background that most users are not even aware of. We make sure to check all aspects of the computer, with state of the art hardware and software diagnostics to evaluate and ensure all hardware is operating as intended.

 Virus & Spyware Removal

While getting a virus can seem like the end of the world for a lot of people we see them every day. Our unique skill-set allows us to thoroughly investigate and remove any infections.

 Wireless & Home Network Installation

Setting up your home network can be confusing. With our years of experience in the deploying of wired and wireless networks, we will make sure that it works flawlessly.

 Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data is important; be it family pictures, financial information or just your address book. Losing these can make life difficult. We can help you create a back up plan that is easy to use and works with minimal attention from you. Not everyone needs a full blown corporate backup solution. Let us guide you in the best solution for your situation.

Computer Maintenance & Upgrades

Looking to speed up your system? Our certified
technicians can handle any hardware upgrade needed, but sometimes,
it's not just the hardware. Our maintenance cycle is very thorough, covering
everything from system log review, to prioritizing the boot process. Our
customers normally see a 20-30% increase in speed. All of our maintenance cycles
include a full system product update. Updating your software is important in
regards to security and performance.

Pick-up Service

Sometimes, it can be inconvenient or difficult for a customer to remove a computer system. We offer pick and delivery service for those customers.


Web Design & Hosting

If your website is out dated or you don't have one, we can help move you into todays world. Building beautiful and intuitive designs. That captivates our users, and creates a link between your business and its customers. We will make sure that you get what you want and it looks amazing.


Security Classes

We provide training in Security and keeping up to date with your computer. If its how to keep from getting viruses, or to learning about your Anti-Virus this is the class for you.

Computer Disposal

All systems disposed through us go through a Department of Defense Security wipe. The hard drive is then removed from the system and disposed of separately. Ensuring that even if someone should get a hold of the computer case the drive is not with it.


The Law Office of McNiel & Fitch

Highly recommended. When a fire destroyed my office, Atlas recovered ALL of my client and financial files from two PCs that were damaged beyond repair. He recovered the hard drives and transferred the data to new machines Read more..


Absolutely impressed, I talked to Matt on the phone for about 30 minutes, no charge. My laptop was failing, he walked me Read more..

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Products We Recommend


Carbonite online backup is simple, secure and unlimited. It works automatically to back up files on your PC or Mac. We are a reseller for carbonite, ask a representative about this product.

Cisco Home Networking Devices

For Home and small Business networking devices we provide customized solutions for the home.