About Us

Our Fortune 500 Corporate Level Experience Sets Us Apart

Owned and operated by skilled consultants with diverse experience in computer service. We have over 25 years of experience with different companies such as Apple, IBM and Lotus Software. Our in-depth background knowledge of various fields makes us invaluable to your company. We also provide service contacts for outsourced IT support for companies. We have certifications in CEH, CHFI, AIX Admin, Networking +, Security +, A+.

  • Internet security

  • Network management

  • Virus removal

  • Hardware diagnostic and repair

  • Software diagnostic and repair  

Atlas Computer Services

Residential Computer Services

  • Computer service and repair

  • Virus and malware removal

  • Wireless and home network installation

  • Data backup and disaster recovery

  • Computer maintenance and upgrades

  • Pick-up service

  • Digital archiving of pictures, videos and paper

  • Datastore

  • Ring installation

  • Nest installation

  • Mesh Network installation

  • New System setup

Business Computer Services

  • Data migration

  • Offsite data storage

  • Disaster recovery

  • Data backup and recovery

  • Business-class network and server support

  • Malware, virus, ransomware removal

  • Workstation service and repair

  • System Deployment


  • CEH

  • CHFI

  • AIX Admin

  • Networking +

  • Security +

  • A+