Archival Services


Do you have collections of old family albums or family videos you would like to get digitized so you can share them with family? What about file cabinets of old financial records that you need to hold onto, but don’t have the space? We have a series of High res scanners that can convert those to digital formats with no loss in resolution. We have a whole Audio Visual set up that allows us to convert most old tape formats to digital movies that can be uploaded to YouTube or backed up to the cloud.

Atlas Computer Services
Atlas Computer Services


Businesses generate an abundance of paper over time. Most businesses are required to retain copies of records for Audits, or Legal reasons. They do not need to remain in paper format occupying valuable office space. We can convert these documents to a searchable digital format. That digital format can then be backed up to a cloud or other devices and retained forever. Going paperless isn’t something that is only for new businesses. We have digitized law offices with 30+ years of paper records onto a single hard drive that is now searchable and backed up offsite.