Residential Computer Service and Repair

Computer Service & Repair

Our certified techs perform a multi-point inspection of all systems that come in as part of our diagnostic. An in-depth evaluation of the system logs can identify causes of the problems rather than resolving just the symptom the system has come in for.

Atlas Computer Services

Virus & Malware Removal

Today’s hackers are attacking us on all fronts. From keystroke loggers, to Man in the Middle Attacks, to your common everyday browser hijacking. Our unique skill set as a Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator and a Certified Ethical Hacker helps in finding breaches as well as providing secure ways to defeat future attempts.

Wireless Network and Home Automation

Not all locations are the same size, that is why sometimes a single router is not enough to provide coverage to all locations. Using a mesh network to provide greater consistent coverage can be an option.

Atlas Computer Services

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data is important; be it family pictures, financial information or just your address book. Losing these can make life difficult. We can help you create a back up plan that is easy to use and works with minimal attention from you. Not everyone needs a full blown corporate backup solution. Let us guide you in the best solution for your situation.

Computer Maintenance & Upgrades

Looking to speed up your system? Our certified technicians can handle any hardware upgrade needed, but sometimes, it's not just the hardware. Our maintenance cycle is very thorough, covering everything from system log review, to prioritizing the boot process.

Our customers normally see a 20-30% increase in speed. All of our maintenance cycles include a full system product update. Updating your software is important in regards to security and performance.

Pick-up Service

Sometimes, it can be inconvenient or difficult for a customer to remove a computer system. We offer pick and delivery service for those customers.

Data Destruction

All systems disposed through us go through a Department of Defense Security wipe. The hard drive is then removed from the system and disposed of separately. Ensuring that even if someone should get a hold of the computer case the drive is not with it.

Atlas Computer Services

Archival Services

Do you have collections of old family albums or family videos you would like to get digitized so you can share them with family? What about file cabinets of old financial records that you need to hold onto, but don’t have the space? We have a series of High res scanners that can convert those to digital formats with no loss in resolution. We have a whole Audio Visual set up that allows us to convert most old tape formats to digital movies that can be uploaded to Youtube or backed up to the cloud.

Secure Document Shredding

Everyone knows how important it is for businesses to securely destroy their old data, but have you considered what happens when you throw out your old tax returns, or credit statements? Or do you have them piling up? We offer a cost-effective solution for paper data destruction with a secured NAID AAA Approved shredder. Cost is based on weight.

Data Storage

Need an offsite location to store your data, but don’t trust the cloud? We can back up your data and secure it for you here on site. Every backup is encrypted and stored inside a locked container. This is ideal for someone who wants a regular full system image done on their computer to minimize downtime in the event of a hard drive failure.